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30 December 2011 - Cryo Treated Switchcraft SW3502A

The Switchcraft SW3502A male RCA in the Cryo Treated version is now back in stock. ... More!

30 December 2011 - New Cryo Treated Parts

We have just added a number of new Cryo Treated products to our catalogue. Click on the photos below to get more information on the individual products. The Cardas 4X33 unshielded tonearm wire bundle. The Mogami 2893 quad cable is now available Cryo Treated for your project. The Atlas s ... More!

21 December 2011 - New XX Series Balanced Interconnect

We are revamping our lineup of balanced XLR cables. Most all of our smaller diameter XLR cables will be using the Neutrik NC3FXX-B and NC3MXX-B XLR connectors. We will also be introducing variants which are terminated using the Neutrik NC3FXX-HA and NC3MXX-HA. The HA connectors have silver ... More!

15 December 2011 - Neutrik NC3FXX-B And NC3MXX-B XLR Connectors

The Neutrik NC3FXX-B and NC3MXX-B XLR connectors are now in stock as well as the matching accessories. These include the BXX-14 bushing which allows these connectors to accept cable up to 10mm in diameter and coloured bushings for colour coding your cable project. We also have the colour codin ... More!

15 December 2011 - Atlas Solderless BNC

The Atlas BNC connector is not only able to take cable up to 8.5mm in diameter but can be applied with no solder connections. The pin on this BNC is made from Normal 0 ... More!

15 December 2011 - Neutrik/REAN RT3FC-B Tiny XLR

The Neutrik/REAN RT3FC-B Tiny XLR is now in stock. This is an excellent 3 pole mini XLR for your headphone cable project. ... More!

8 December 2011 - Switchcraft 3502A RCA Back In Stock

We have received fresh stock on the Switchcraft 3502A RCA. The Cryo Treated version will be back in stock on the 19th of Dec. ... More!

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