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21 August 2012 - Eight New Terminated RCA Cables

We have added eight new RCA cables to our lineup today. These cables are all based around the Mogami 2534 and 2549 with either the Furutech FP-126(G) or FP-126(R) RCA connectors. These combinations are also available with Cryo Treated cable. All construction is done using the Mundorf Supreme solder. ... More!

15 August 2012 - New Furutech Products

We have added some new Furutech part numbers to our DIY catalogue. We now offer the FI-11M-N1 Rhodium plated male plug and the FI-11-N1 Rhodium IEC as well as Gold and Rhodium versions of the FT-903 RCA sockets. For those of you wanting to extract greater performance from your wall outlet we have in ... More!

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