Neotech NEP-3003/Furutech FI-11-N1(G) Cryo Power Cable

Neotech NEP-3003/Furutech FI-11-N1(G) Cryo Power Cable
Neotech NEP-3003/Furutech FI-11-N1(G) Cryo Power Cable
Neotech NEP-3003/Furutech FI-11-N1(G) Cryo Power Cable
Neotech NEP-3003/Furutech FI-11-N1(G) Cryo Power Cable
Neotech NEP-3003 Powercord C/W Furutech FI-11-N1(G) Deep Cryo Treated

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Neotech has long been a leader in producing wire and cable using "single crystal" UP-OCC Copper, developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. UP-OCC copper is at least 99.99998% pure, and has an average crystal size of 125 meters. Compare this to the average crystal size of Oxygen Free Copper, which is .02 meters (3/4"). UP-OCC copper and silver are considered the ultimate in copper and silver conductor technology today.

The Deep Cryo Treated Neotech NEP-3003 utilizes 13 AWG individual conductors for hot, neutral, and ground, as well as a twin shield of metalized Mylar and tinned OFC copper braided shield. The overall outside diameter of the NEP-3003 cable is 11.4mm. Specs and photo of this cable can be found HERE.

Our standard terminations on this cable are the Furutech FI-11M-N1(G) wall plug and FI-11-N1(G) IEC We also offer this cable with Schuko, UK and Australia/New Zealand male plugs. These can be selected from the dropdown menu. The Gold plated Furutech connectors give this cable a smooth and slightly warm sound with a smooth tonal response and detailed bass. This cable is ideal for digital source components and pre-amplifiers. All connections are treated with DeoxIT Gold during assembly. The base price is for a two foot cable, the cable can be ordered in lengths up to 12 feet. 

Select the cable length you need for your application, then press the order button. The total cost of the cable will appear in the shopping cart at the top of the right hand navigation bar. Click "view cart" to see an itemized list of the cables ordered. Shipping cost and any applicable taxes will be applied during checkout. Once the order is placed the cables are constructed to your specs and will ship next business day unless you decide to have them pre-conditioned on our cable cooker. Please allow five days for the pre-conditioning process.

If you have your cables pre-conditioned (burned in) on our audiodharma Cable Cooker they will require only a minimal amount of time to reach their full potential, typically about one day of normal use to settle in and another 2-3 days of normal use to reach about 90-95% of it's full potential.

The parts used in the construction of this cable have been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.

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