Audio Cables

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Custom Crafted Cables by Take Five Audio

Take Five Audio is now offering high performance pre-assembled cables made from the same high quality parts we offer to our DIY customers. We have put together a number of parts combinations that offer outstanding performance and great value. All cable assemblies are priced per single cable so that you can easily order the number you need, at the length required, for your home theatre or two channel system.

All of the parts used in our cables are cryogenically processed on-site in our own custom built Cryotron processor. Our new DCT (Deep Cryogenic Treatment) process takes the performance of all our cables to another level. Full information on our process and the equipment we use can be found here TFA DCT

Cable assemblies can now be ordered with optional burn-in on our audiodharma Cable Cooker. Your order shipment will be delayed 3-5 days depending on the cables ordered. Cables which have been conditioned will require only a minimal period of usage to settle in.

Our cable assemblies offer excellent value since our pricing is based on the cost of parts plus a modest labour charge for assembly, based on the actual time required to perform the work. All cables can be ordered online. Custom terminated cables ship next business day.