Just Amazing! (10/19/2012)
I replaced an ESP Essense The Reference ($1,000) power cord with this cable and Furutech FI-11(g) connectors. I was not prepared for such a substantial difference! When used with my Oppo 95 player I found more dynamics, airy soundstage, increased timbre, sweeter vocals, much more bass, and a touch of warmth that I like. Buy this cable and a pair of connectors from Take Five Audio and give a DIY cord a try. You just need a cutting knife and a wire stripper and in an hour you'll have yourself a low cost DIY cord that can compete with cords at the thousand dollar range. I have not tried Take Five's pre-made cables, but I'd imagine they would sound even better. I'd take this cable with FI-11(g) connectors over both ESP and Cardas Golden Reference power cables anywhere in my system.

Shawn - Canada
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