Much better (3/9/2018)
Just like it says in the description, great upgrade! I bought a ProJect essential III and I tried a few carts. on it from the stock OM-10. Well 2 of the stock clips can off at different times. I soldered them back and said these have to go. I just added them last night and they are great, slide on and off with ease but yet are snug. Best part is they differently impact the sound for the positive. I don't know if it is the Cryo treatment or the fact there is much better contact because the shape follows the round tips of the Cart. It was not that bad of a job, need a third hand device and table top Magnifier. De solder the old clips add new shrink tube cut to size, make sure wire is straight and slip it into the hole of new clip and add solder, done. Check out review of Cardas Quad Solder. Well worth the price, time , and effort!!

Mike - Ontario, Canada
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