Perfect (12/15/2015)
Sometimes, if I see a price lower than most other places I worry about the quality... turns out there was no need to worry here...these sleeves were exactly as I had hoped! They're very sturdy and not flimsy at all. I was worried that these might be the really thin/flimsy kind that I have on some of my old records already (you know, the ones that fold and bunch up when you try putting them in the jacket), but these are not those. They're the perfect thickness for sliding easily into old and new jackets... even badly damaged jackets. I bought 200 of these and have already used them all and didn't have any problems with any of them. I can't say enough! The shipping was fast too. I highly recommend these sleeves and would definately do business with Take Five Audio again!

Rob - Ontario, CanadaRob
Great Sleeves (8/11/2015)
Great sleeves. Great price. Nice smooth finish on the sleeves; very classy and professional looking. They feel good to handle as well, sliding very easily into records. Even problematic records that used to be difficult to re-insert when I was using paper sleeves now slide in easily.

Vlad - Alberta
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