Mogami 3104 Deluxe Deep Cryo Treated Speaker Cables (12/16/2020)
Replaced my old Tara Labs cables with these over an 8 foot run. Out of the box the sound was a vast improvement. Over the next 20+ hours of listening the sound only got better. Open, clean and neutral. Friends give my lots of praise when listening. i can't recommend TFA highly enough for their knowledge, products and customer service. Great people to deal with.

Graham - Ontario/Canada
Amazing cables (2/8/2020)
I purchased these cables a few months ago to replace a pair of custom cables I made which performed well. I upgraded my speakers to a pair Dali Oberon 7 and wanted them to have a quality cable. All I have to say is you don't need to spend outrageous amounts of money to get a high-end cable. Gene builds well made and beautiful cables that punch well above their price. Highly recommended!

Matthew - QC
Simply Great (8/28/2019)
First, the quality and build of these cables is first rate...even when compared to cables 5-10x the price. These are really beautiful cables. Anyway, plugged them in and immediately noticed the difference in sound quality. The sound stage expanded and became more transparent, the bass increased and details in the highs became clearer. Simply the best speaker cables I have ever had so far...keep in mind these will only get better over time.

John - Michigan, USA
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