very good cables (3/5/2015)
as always build quality is second to none. that is why i always come back. lyn & gene are the best to deal with.mogami is great cable peroidyou can't go wrong with these cables.

gordie - miramichi newbrunswick
changing all my cables (2/3/2015)
Oh no,I got these,now I want to change all my current cables.I can't believe how good they are.Only have it for two days,not even broken in.

Jack - Canada
More of the same great build quality! (7/30/2014)
Just wanted to add some generic comments. I just rec'd an extra-long XLR-TRS Mog2534 cable to use for my headphones. The build quality is exceptional and fast, by Maestro Gene. Packing is superb, with lots of bubble sheeting, inside a solid pristine box, not recycled from past mailings, like what other sellers may do. Billing and communications are also concise and courteous by Maestroess Lyn. Quite a team. Highly recommend T5 for custom cabling at unbeatable pricing. Support Canadian dealers everyone!

Maestro - Canada
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