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Great Cable with even better workmanship (6/9/2021)
Having been at this hobby for the better part of 4 decades, I've learned that excellent cables don't have to cost a fortune (and yes I've made the mistake of buying ultra expensive cables in the past.). The Mogami 3104 is a superb sounding cable. It sells at a wonderful price, and TFA puts it all together with meticulous craftsmanship. The shipping was rapid; everything arrived in perfect condition; and opening the box, well it feels like a holiday moment. Thank you TFA!

Bill - Ontario, Canada
I am impressed to say the least. (2/3/2021)
I purchased these after reading general reviews online about Mogami. But what surprised me the most is the level of service from Take 5. These cables shipped same day, and I had them within a few days of ordering! Then, there is the packaging, boxed, bubble wrap everywhere, even the connectors! (never had anyone bubble wrap cable before). The cable itself, presents extreme levels of professionalism, solid job. Cudos to Take 5! This certainly will not be my last purchase. Looking forward to evaluating these cables.

Adam - Canada
Game changer (1/8/2021)
I ordered a 7 foot Bi-wire pair of these some time ago to use with my Yaqin 100-C tube amp. They were a great improvement from the Ultra Link cable with they replaced. But just last week I hooked them up to my upstairs system and they blew me away! I was using 5 foot long bi-wire Cardas crosslink cables on a 35 wpc Fezz Audio Silver amp to a pair of klipsch RP-600s. The Mogami 3104 cable expanded the soundstage and clarity like magic. Instrument separation was now palpable like I had never heard before. This was not my first purchase from TFA and won’t be my last. 1st class service and quality is what keeps me coming back.

Gilles - Canada
Great speaker cables! (7/28/2019)
I received these a couple of days ago and couldn't be happier. They replaced a set of Audioquest Rocket 44's, which I thought sounded pretty good. The 3104's blew them away. Bigger soundstage, more dynamic contrast, better bass, more weight to all instruments. I tried 3013's in a previous system and couldn't use them because they highlighted distortion which was already present from my old amp (Rogue Audio). But the 3104's are a great match for my Primaluna EVO 300 and Klipsch Forte III's. Take Five Audio did a great job putting these cables together. They have a quality feel & look. Very high end. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase. You don't have to spend a bunch of money for big name cables & their gimmicks to achieve great sound. Plus they arrived in a reasonable amount of time considering I am located in the USA. Thank you TFA!

Keith - California/USA
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