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Superb Cable at Amazing Price (8/11/2015)
These cables are amazing. The build quality is wonderful, the materials are top notch, and it's deep cryo treated. A cable of this quality would easily cost two, three, even four or five times as much from other dealers. If you want extremely high quality hi-fi cables, but don't want to pay ridiculous prices, you cannot beat these cables. Take Five Audio offers the best deals on high-end audio cables in all of Canada, as far as I know. Take Five Audio is truly impressive when it comes to the ratio of quality to price, not just for custom-made cables, but for many other products on their website. I have compared Take Five Audio's prices for record sleeves, isolation spikes/feet, DIY parts, and other items to other websites, and when it comes to shopping for audio accessories in Canada, they just cannot be beat. I don't know how they do it!These cables were just what I needed to connect my phono stage to the XLR inputs on my audio interface. It's great to have a high-quality, future-proof cable that I will never have to upgrade. I got the burn in option, which I would definitely recommend, although I have not heard it without burn-in.

Vlad - Alberta
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