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Main System Cables (1/30/2014)
A good friend of mine ordered these speaker cables and was very happy with them. He's also a perfectionist with great technical aptitude.He recommended them to me and so I also ordered a set of bi-wired Mogami 2921 Deluxe with Multi-contact LS4 Bananas. I had taken much care in building my old cables and wasn't convinced I would hear much, if any, difference with these new TFA cables. Well I was very pleasantly surprised to hear an additional level of refinement and resolution across the entire frequency range and greater air and focus between instruments. I know cables and IC's can make a difference but I would not have guessed it could be this much. Put it this way; if I had paid several thousand on a new preamp and heard no more improvement than this, I would still have thought it was money well spent.I must also add that the materials and build quality are beautiful and the packaging was on par with parts I’ve received from McIntosh Laboratory.MORTIS

MORTIS - Ontario/Canada
Second system (11/6/2013)
I have these cables bi-wired to my 'second' stereo system with CD & internet radio replacing what I thought to be good speaker cables.What a difference and I'm amazed at the sound. I would highly recommend these cables terminated by TFA.

David - Ontario, Canada
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