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Great Stuff (3/9/2018)
I used this Solder to replace Clips for Phone Cartridge. Like it says in other posts smooth flow and like no smoke. Nice shinny finish and melt point was 250 - 275 Celsius. I am sure the smooth flow can from the little bit of Lead content and the Rosin core.Well worth it for Electronic work!

Michael - Ontario Canada
Great Tone (8/9/2010)
This solder was very easy to work with. I use on guitars and tube amp related stuff. Regular silver solder and solder without lead lost warmth and magic, sounding harsh. This has the fidelity of 4% silver but warmth of classic lead solder. My fav. by far because it has lead, copper and silver. Only thing its missing is a little gold.. Worth the money and ease of use.

Mr. X - Seattle
Good (11/25/2007)
This solder flows easily at low temperatures, does not create a very irritating smell, and creates a strong bond. It doesn't get a 5 because it contains lead, and is expensive.

Robert - California, USA
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