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Excellent Build Quality and Value (1/7/2022)
I have purchased a set the FT-211G spades and now a set of the FT-212G Bananas. I usually prefer spades to bananas but because of the limited space in which my amp resides I decided to put the FT-211G on the speaker end and the FT-212G on the amp end. I installed the FT-212G today and to say that I am impressed with the value that these represent would be an understatement. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!The speaker cable that I have is the Decware 8 AWG ZSTYX. These will fit easily on the spades but the fit on the bananas is tighter. It will work if you are patient. I looked at the internals to get a good understanding of the way that it will all fit. Read the instructions and followed them. Remove the set screw so that you can see when the cable is properly seated and to get an 8 AWG cable seated, like the Decware 8 AWG, you will have to apply gradual considerable pressure. If you do that you will be rewarded.And a plug for Gene and Lyn... working with them is very much like working with all at Decware. Coming from me, that's hi praise indeed!

John - Ontario, Canada
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