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Excellent plugs (8/4/2019)
Got a Maze Audio 10-awg cord from a reseller, with these plugs installed. Put this on a Bryston power amp. Gave my system a tad bit more transparency. Highly recommended. Might try it on my linestage. But that might be overkill.

Elina - Canada
Excellent quality, good price (1/22/2017)
This is a good choice for a warmer system. I first tried the gold plated version but my gear was slightly warm already and I ordered some TFA cables with the copper ends to see if the more neutral copper would work better. The copper was much better for my ears as I found them to be very neutral and let my warmish dac shine without "slowing it down". A dac upgrade later and my system was no longer warm so the gold went back in with great results. The copper cable is hooked up to my DDC unit now and I'm keeping the spare one as you can never be sure which cable sounds right when you do a system upgrade. Highly recommend you try the copper ends if your system is already warm enough for you. But I truly recommend trying both flavours to be sure. The cables and diy stuff here are light on the pocketbook relative to their performance.

Peter - British Columbia
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