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Made the Right Choice (7/14/2016)
I think there is going to be a lot of 5 star reviews on this website. My search was for a neutral 3 or 4Plex cord. For my headphone system I originally used a couple of different computer-type power bars (just awful sound strangling devices) and some $$ audio-grade power bars with conditioning and surge protection (not much better than the computer variety) and thus realized that in my price bracket a “no conditioning” simple solution was the only way to go. A multi-outlet power system with no electronics messing things up. I actually went with power-tool variety 3Plex cables while upgrading other parts of my system, but when the time came for an audio-grade upgrade for my main power cable I did some research and searched around and found this Noetech version. This cable took about 18 days constant use (in my low power system) to break in and then I was treated with a smooth neutral sound that had been emerging from my system but was still just out of reach. All the clichés apply….better soundstage, tighter bass, extended high frequency…but the biggest pluses were blacker background, harder hitting bass, and a much more accurate presentation. I’m not saying this cable did all of that, but I have learned along the way that without good audio-grade parts in your entire system chain you will forever be missing something. Thanks TFA!

Peter - Vancouver, Canada
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