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30 March 2011 - Neotech NEI-3001 Terminated Cables Now Available Cryo Treated

Our NEI-3001 XLR and NEI-3001 RCA terminated cables are now available Cryo Treated. The NEI-3001 interconnect is mated with Cryo Treated Vampire XLR's or Cryo Treated Neotech UPOCC RCA's making an already great cable even better! ... More!

29 March 2011 - Asylum Powercord Now Available In Deluxe Version!

The Asylum Powercord is now available from Take Five Audio in a deluxe version. The APC Deluxe is made from all Cryo Treated parts that are carefully assembled as per the original recipe. The high quality tight weave sleeving is available in black or black/white tracer and is finished off with print ... More!

28 March 2011 - Switchcraft 35HDBAUS Back In Stock!

The Switchcraft 35HDBAUS 3.5 Stereo Phone Plug is now back in stock. This part was renamed since becoming ROHS compliant, it was previously known as 35HDBAU. The backshell opening has also changed on the new part #, the opening has been reduced to 4.5mm from 6.2mm. ... More!

28 March 2011 - More Models Of Pre-Conditioned Outlets Added

We have another batch of outlets off the cooker today. The Hubbell 8200 HW, Cryo Treated Hubbell 8200 HW, Cryo Treated Hubbell 8300 HW, Hubbell 8300 HW and Cryo Treated 8300 HI have all been added to the Pre-Conditioned outlet section today. ... More!

23 March 2011 - Hubbell 5362 Outlets And 20A IEC Added

We now stock the Hubbell 5362 Heavy Duty grade outlets in White and Ivory. These are high quality outlets with unplated brass contacts. These outlets can also be ordered pre-conditioned. The Hubbell H320B 20A chassis mount male IEC is also in stock in the Cryo Treated version. ... More!

22 March 2011 - Pre-Conditioned AC Outlets For Immediate Shipment

Pre-Conditioned (burned in) AC outlets are now available for immediate shipment from our Pre-Conditioned Outlets section. We are burning in small batches of the various outlets we sell and adding them to the new section as they become available, outlets will be added to this section on a regular bas ... More!

21 March 2011 - Canare 4S11 Now Available Cryo Treated

Canare 4S11 speaker cable is now available Cryo treated. We have had many requests for this cable in a Cryo Treated version over the years so we have decided to make it available directly from our website. ... More!

21 March 2011 - Hubbell 4Plex Outlet, Box and Adapter

The Hubbell HBL 420HI 4Plex Hospital Grade Outlet is in stock. This is an excellent outlet for making a power bar when used with the matching HBL4PBI box housing. We are also stocking the Hubbell HBL4API adapter plate for the 4Plex outlet. This adapter lets you install a 4Plex outlet on a standard d ... More!

18 March 2011 - Twitter Coupons Start Today!

We will be issuing coupons for some limited time offers (one day maximum) as well as coupons for limited quantity specials on specific items. Please check our Twitter feed for notifications of these specials as this is the only place we will be posting them. Most limited time specials will begin at ... More!

15 March 2011 - Mogami 2534 RCA Terminated Now Available Cryo Treated

The Mogami 2534 custom terminated RCA interconnect is now available Cryo Treated. The 2534 is terminated using Cryo Treated Neutrik Pro-Fi (NF2CB-2) RCA connectors. This is a great sounding interconnect made even better by using all Cryo Treated parts in it's construction. ... More!

14 March 2011 - New Tight Weave Polysleeve

We are now offering our 3/8" Black and 1/2" Black/White Tracer polysleeve in a Tight Weave version. The Tight Weave PET gives your finished product a premium look and feel. This sleeve feels much smoother than it's regular counterpart and because it ships in a more "tubular" form it is even easier t ... More!

11 March 2011 - Outlets Available With Burn-in Option

We are now offering all of our AC outlets with the option to have them burned in before shipment. This option can be selected from the product page. This will save weeks of waiting for your new outlets to burn in from normal use. Our outlets are burned in on our audiodharma Cable Cooker, we are allo ... More!

8 March 2011 - Terminated Cables Available With Burn-in

Cable burn-in is now a selectable option on our custom terminated cables. Why spend 100's of hours waiting for your new cables to burn-in when we can ship them to you already conditioned. Our custom terminated interconnects, powercords and speaker cables will be burned in on our audiodharma Cable Co ... More!

7 March 2011 - New Products Added To The Catalogue

The Neotech NEVD-2001 terminated digital cables are now available Cryo Treated, this is a very nice upgrade to an already great sounding cable. We are also offering the Neotech ND021090 terminated digital cable in a Cryo version as well. We have had so many requests for the Asylum Power ... More!

7 March 2011 - New Site Launches!

Welcome to our new website. In the coming days we will be adding a number of new products and fine tuning some of the site features. We will be updating the news regularly over the next few days as we add new products and features to the site, enjoy your stay! ... More!

7 March 2011 - 2010 Archive

Dec 15th 2010 Wattgate connectors are now in stock. We offer competitive pricing on the Wattgate line. Dec 3rd 2010 Xhadow Reference Bananas are now back in stock. Nov 15th 2010 The Mogami 2921 Speaker Cable is now available terminated in custom len ... More!

7 March 2011 - 2009 Archive

Dec 21st 2009 We have lowered the prices on the Neotech NEP-3001 and NEP-3003 bulk power cable. We have also lowered the price on the terminated NEP-3001 power cable as well to reflect the new material costs. The cryo treated versions of the bulk power cables have also had their prices lo ... More!

7 March 2011 - 2008 Archive

Dec 4th 2008 Vampire is no longer manufacturing bulk cables or hook-up wire. We have put stock control on all the Vampire cables and hook-up wire that we list on our site. This will show you how many feet are left in stock of the individual products. These cables and hook-up wire we ... More!

7 March 2011 - 2007 Archive

December 6th 2007 Our CAIG catalogue has expanded with five new products. The Accessory Sampler Kit, Audio/Video Survival kit, DeoxiT SHIELD, SWPX and SWPP precision swabs.   December 5th 2007 We now have the 12 awg Neotech UPOCC with PVC insulation in stock ... More!

7 March 2011 - 2006 Archive

Dec 14th 2006 We have added the Oyaide Ultimo outlets to our catalogue. The new versions are known as the DX Ultimo, GX Ultimo and XXX Ultimo. All remaining stock of the previous Oyaide models has been moved to the Clearance Centre at a 10% discount! We have been asked repeatedly fo ... More!

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