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2010 Archive

7 March 2011
Dec 15th 2010
Wattgate connectors are now in stock. We offer competitive pricing on the Wattgate line.

Dec 3rd 2010
Xhadow Reference Bananas are now back in stock.

Nov 15th 2010
The Mogami 2921 Speaker Cable is now available terminated in custom lengths. We have also added Cryo Treated custom terminated powercords NEP-3001 20A, NEP-3003 20A, NEP-3003 15A.

Nov 12th 2010
The Mogami 2549 is now available on our site terminated in three different formats, balanced XLR, locking RCA's and Neutrik Pro-Fi.

Nov 10th 2010
The Mogami 2921 Neglex speaker cable is back in stock with a lower price! This is one of the best values in speaker cable out there.

Nov 9th 2010
We will be closed on November 11th in observance of Remembrance Day. We return to regular business hours on November 12th.

Nov 4th 2010
More power cables added to the site today. We are now offering terminated 20 Amp cables made from the Neotech NEP-3001 and the Neotech NEP-3003. Both of these 20 Amp cables are terminated with Marinco 320 IEC 19 and Marinco 5366BL 20 Amp connectors.
We have also added the Mogami 2549 Neglex balanced cable to our DIY section.

Nov 2nd 2010
We have added a new RCA cable to our terminated cable offerings. The Neotech NEI-3001 is now available terminated with Neotech's own UPOCC RCA connectors. This is an outstanding interconnect for your 2 channel system or home theatre. The Belden 89259 is now available terminated with Vampire 5X CB RCA's as well, this is a great sounding cable.

Nov 1st 2010
We are now offering UPOCC male RCA connectors from Neotech. These RCA's have an UPOCC centre pin and locking type barrel. The Neotech RCA will fit cables up to 10.5 mm in diameter.

Oct 28th 2010
We have two new additions in our terminated cables section. First is the Neotech NEP-3003 powercord terminated with Marinco 5266BL wall plug and Marinco 320 IEC. We have also added the Neotech NEVD-2001 solid silver digital cable terminated with Xhadow RCA's.

Oct 26th 2010
Our Assembled Cables section has been reorganized into specific categories for the different types of cables we produce. This will make it easier to browse for the type of cables you are looking for. Check it out.

Oct 24th 2010
The Neotech ND021090 High Resolution UPOCC Digital Interconnect is now available on our website terminated in various lengths. A great cable for a sensible price.

Oct 13th 2010
We have added two new RCA type interconnect cables to our terminated cable section. Both cables are constructed from Mogami 2534 and use a Star-Quad geometry with telescoped shield. We use Vampire LRCA7's and Neutrik ProFi connectors on these cables.

Sept 2nd 2010
CPX 300 1 1/2 Crosslinked Polyolefin Shrinktube is now back in stock.

Aug 29th 2010
We have a scheduled outage for Sunday August 29th for software upgrades on the server. We will be down from 1:00 - 4:00 EDT, we should only be down for 30 minutes during this time interval. Thank you for your patience.

Aug 5th 2010

Our Cartridge Bolt Kits are now back in stock.

Aug 4th 2010
Our Clearance Centre has been revitalized. This area of the website is now being used to clear DISCONTINUED, OVERSTOCK and CLOSEOUT items. Most of the items are selling well below wholesale cost (except for overstock items) and are in very limited quantities. We will also be clearing our inventory of demo and experimental cables on this page. Each product is showing the
quantity available. Be sure to check the clearance page frequently, we will be adding a large number of items in the coming weeks, look for daily updates. No phone orders will be taken for items in the clearance section, all sales are final.

July 23rd 2010
We have expanded our line of terminated cable offerings to include the Neotech NEI-3004 interconnect terminated with the Vampire LRCA8 locking RCA. The terminated NEI-3004 is offered in lengths up to 12 ft.

Jun 29th 2010
The Pass & Seymour 8200-BKMRI and 8300-BKMRI are now available in our online catalogue.

Jun 29th 2010
We will be closed for Canada Day Thursday July 1st. We will be open and shipping orders again on Friday July 2nd. We would like to wish all our customers a safe and happy holiday!

Jun 29th 2010
We are just 2 days away from the HST being implemented in Ontario and British Columbia. Under the new tax laws we will be obliged to charge HST on purchases being shipped to Ontario (13%), British Columbia (12%), New Brunswick (13%), Nova Scotia (15%) and Newfoundland (13%). All other provinces in Canada will be subject to the 5% GST, in other words, no change.
Since we sell no products that are PST exempt, the tax rate for our Ontario customers is essentially unchanged.

There will be no HST charged on orders placed up till our cutoff (2:00 pm) on Wednesday June 30th 2010, our next business day July 2nd 2010, will see the tax implemented.
Our international and US customers are unaffected by these tax changes, we charge no tax on purchases shipped to destinations outside Canada.

Jun 25th 2010
The Neotech ND021090 UPOCC digital interconnect has been added to the online catalogue. This interconnect is an outstanding performer at a sensible price.

Jun 24th 2010
More new products have been added today. We are now offering the Vampire XLR connectors in a modified version to fit interconnect cable up to 10.5 mm in diameter. These XLRs are being sold in sets consisting of one male and one female, they are available in Cryo Treated and non-treated versions.
We have added another terminated balanced cable as well. The Neotech NEI-3001 is now available terminated with Vampire XLR's and can be purchased online in lengths from 2 feet to 16 feet. These are outstanding cables!

Jun 23rd 2010
More pre-terminated cables have been added to the online catalogue. The Mogami 2534 can now be purchased online in pre-terminated lengths from 2 feet to 30 feet. These cables are terminated with the Neutrik NC3MXB/NC3FXB connectors. We are offering these cables in both Cryo Treated and Non-Cryo versions. Stay tuned! More terminated cables coming!

Jun 22nd 2010
The Neotech NEI-3004 is now available from our site pre-terminated in a balanced configuration in lengths up to 30ft. Cables are terminated with the Vampire XLRF/XLRM copper alloy connectors. We are offering the pre-made cables in both Cryo Treated and Non-Cryo versions.

Jun 14th 2010
Cardas 17.5 awg and 19.5 awg hook-up wire is now available in our online catalogue. We are stocking these gauges in the colours Black and Red.

Jun 9th 2010
We have added 5 different pre-terminated speaker cable types to our cables section. We are offering the Belden 5000UE, Cryo'd Belden 5000UE, Belden 5T00P, Cryo'd Belden 5T00P and the Canare 4S11 in terminated lengths that can be ordered directly from our website. All of these cables are terminated using copper alloy connectors and high quality Polyolefin shrinktube. All crimp connections are treated with CAIG ProGold.

Mar 23rd 2010
We are now offering the Pass & Seymour 8300 WMRI and 8200 WMRI non-magnetic outlets in a Cryo Treated version. If you are looking for a high performance outlet at a sensible price you really should give these a listen. Today we also added the Neotech NES-3002 9 AWG speaker cable. Currently, this is the best speaker cable we sell.

Mar 12th 2010
Three outstanding products have been added to our website today. First, the Neotech NEP-3200 powercord, this is Neotech's top offering for Copper powercords. We have also added the Pass & Seymour MRI outlets in both 15 and 20 amp versions. These outlets have absolutely no magnetic parts, even the mounting screws are Brass! If you are looking for outstanding outlets for a sensible price be sure to check out the 15A and 20A MRI's.

Mar 11th 2010
We have added two outstanding interconnect from Neotech to our catalogue. The NEI-3001 copper analog interconnect and the NEVD-2001 pure Silver digital cable.

Mar 8th 2010
We are now offering the Neotech UPOCC 24 awg hookup wire in two colours, Black and Red. The Cryo version of this wire is also now available in Black and Red.

Feb 25th 2010
Due to popular demand we are now offering the Belden 1312A in a White jacket. The 100 ft coils of 1312A are also available in the White jacket.

Feb 12th 2010
We are now offering our
029, 037 and 079 AC connectors in the non-cryo version.

Feb 12th 2010
We have completed the final round of price cuts. Our TFA speaker connectors,
029, 037 and 079 AC connectors, Vampire and Xhadow products have had their prices lowered. In total, 371 of our most popular products have had their prices lowered.
Anyone who has purchased any of these products in the past 30 days at the higher price can simply send us an email and we will issue you a 10% discount coupon that can be used on your next online order.

Feb 11th 2010
We have lowered the pricing on our Cardas line of connectors and wire.

Feb 4th 2010
Another round of price cuts! We have lowered the price on our Johnson solder in both the 1 Lb and 20 gm. packages. Our Belden cable and braided shield have also had the prices cut. Some of the Belden products have had significant price reductions. Due to the lower Belden prices our Asylum Powercord has had it's price lowered as well. Our line of Schurter products has also had the pricing lowered. We have also updated the Clearance section by adding some Belden products we are discontinuing, these products are limited in quantity and are priced to go!

Jan 26th 2010
All of our C7-C14, C7-C14P, and C5-C14 as well as the UK and Schuko wall plug adapters have new pricing. Our prices are the lowest prices on the web for these products. Hubbell 15A and 20A Hospital Grade outlets in both the Cryo and Non-Cryo versions have had their prices adjusted as well.

Jan 25th 2010
Our high grade Polyolefin shrinktubes have had their prices reduced. Our CPA 100, CPX 100 and CPX 300 is manufactured in North America by CANUSA and priced very competitively.

Jan 20th 2010
Our PET (Techflex) cable sleeve and Nylon (Nymax) sleeve in all diameters and roll sizes have had their prices reduced to reflect our cost savings. Our pricing on these products is very competitive.

Jan 19th 2010
It looks as though the Canadian dollar is going to remain strong relative to the US Dollar for some time to come. Even with some US suppliers raising prices, we are experiencing lower overall unit costs on products we import into Canada. We are passing these savings along to our customers over the next couple of weeks as we update our price lists. The first line to have the prices lowered is Neotech. All the Neotech cable and hookup wire have had the prices adjusted today to reflect the lower exchange rate. We will be making announcements on our news page as we adjust the pricing on other product lines.

Jan 6th 2010
We are now offering the Pass & Seymour 5266-X in a cryo treated version.

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