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2006 Archive

7 March 2011
Dec 14th 2006
We have added the Oyaide Ultimo outlets to our catalogue. The new versions are known as the DX Ultimo, GX Ultimo and XXX Ultimo. All remaining stock of the previous Oyaide models has been moved to the Clearance Centre at a 10% discount! We have been asked repeatedly for the Hubbell Hospital Grade outlets in White, we now stock the 20 Amp 8300HW and the 15 Amp 8200HW in both Cryo and Non-Cryo versions. We would also like to wish our customer care representative, Lyn, a Happy Birthday!!
Dec 12th 2006
We have added a beautiful Brinkman Balance with the Brinkman 10.5 tonearm to our Used/Demo section. Truly a rare find on the used market.
Nov 8th 2006
Take Five Audio is now representing the Sennheiser line of headphones. We have the complete Audiophile Series HD 515, HD 555, HD 595, HD 650 and a good selection of personal phones in our online catalogue.
Oct 31st 2006
We have added the Clearaudio wood body Virtuoso and the wood body Aurum Classics cartridges to the product catalogue. These are two outstanding cartridges from Clearaudio that are compatible with most all tonearms. The Cardas Twinlink Powercords with the Polarized "C7" connector are now in stock. We have these in 5 Ft and 8 Ft lengths, these cords are perfect for any component using the small 2 prong "C7" type connector such as DVD, CD, satellite receiver or cable box.
Oct 27th 2006
Take Five Audio is now representing the Dynavector line of moving coil cartridges. We have the DV 10X5 available online as well as the DV 20X in both High and Low output versions. For those of you wanting to check the speed of your turntable we now have in stock the Clearaudio strobe disc.
Oct 26th 2006
We have added to our product catalogue the new Statement series headphone from Grado, the GS1000, and the new portable phones from Grado, the iGrado in both White and Black.
Oct 23rd 2006
Our annual Fall Sale starts today and runs till Nov 20th. All online orders with a merchandise total of $50.00 CDN or more will automatically be discounted at the checkout by 15%. Your account will also receive 7% in Reward Points as well.
Oct 18th 2006
All remaining stock of Ortofon and Sumiko cartridges and replacement styli have been discounted and moved to the clearance centre. There are still a few nice cartridges available at great prices!
Oct 18th 2006
For those of you in need of a high quality, sensibly priced C7 type powercord for your CD, DVD, satellite box etc. we have the Oyaide L/i15 dpc in our cryo treated version. This is an excellent alternative to stock cords or using a C7 adapter with aftermarket IEC type cords.
Oct 17th 2006
We have added a number of high quality connectors from Clearaudio. All the connectors have been Deep Cryo Treated. We are now stocking the MPC Cinch, Profi MPC and the Smart MPC in the way of male RCA connectors as well as the MPC Female RCA jacks. The new 5 pin DIN and MC Cartridge clips from Clearaudio are very impressive! We also have a high grade 75 Ohm BNCfrom Clearaudio as well.
Oct 16th 2006
The Acrolink 6N-4030 powercord and Oyaide FTVS-510 high purity solid Silver Coaxial cable is now in stock. These premium quality cables have also been Cryo Treated.
Oct 11th 2006
We are now stocking the Marinco 20 amp IEC and the Marinco 5366BL 20 amp wall plug both in Cryo and Non-Cryo versions. The Marinco 320 IEC 19 is an excellent 20 amp female IEC that will take 10 awg conductors and cables up to 18 mm in diameter. The 5366BL will also accept 10 gauge conductors.

Sept 19th 2006
We have added 17 new Vampire cablesto our catalogue! There are 9 new interconnectsand 8 new speaker cables, all sold by the foot and ready for your favorite terminations. Interconnect cable is available in a variety of conductor types, OFHC, CCC, Pure Silver and Silver Plated Copper. Speaker cables are available in OFHC, CCC, SPC and FT rated cables for in wall applications. Be sure to check it out!
Aug 31st 2006
We are now stocking the Marinco 8215in regular and Cryoversion. We have also added the Marinco 320 IEC with a clear back shell in both regularand cryoversion. We are the only retailer we know of that is stocking the 320 IEC with a clear housing. We have also begun to add our cable kits to the online catalogue, the first kit we have is the Oyaide Tunami powercord kit.
Aug 2nd 2006
We have added the Cardas Tri Eutectic solderas well as the Cardas Rosin flux pasteto our DIY section. The new Tri Eutectic solder contains no lead. The Cardas Flux Paste is the perfect compliment to the Johnson AI-423 solder. When the 423 is used with the flux paste it flows as easily as Cardas or WBT solder.
July 28th 2006
Our affiliate program is now up and running! If you have a website that is focused on Audio, Audio DIY, Home Theatre or Music we invite you to become an affiliate of Take Five Audio and start earning extra cash today. Click hereto register.
July 18th 2006
We have added several new Deep Cryo Treated products today. The Oyaide Tunamiand the Oyaide PA-02are now available in the cryo treated version. We have also added the Wattgate 320i Blackand 320i Clearas well as the 320i HG Clearand 320i HG Blackin cryo'd versions as well.
July 11th 2006
We have added a "make an offer" function to our USED/DEMOcategory. This enables you to submit an offer on any of the items in this section. If your offer is accepted you will be emailed a coupon that can be used at the checkout.
July 5th 2006
We have added the Johnson Mfg. AI-423 solder to our DIY section. We are offering this solder in one pound spools and 20 gram packs. AI-423
June 27th 2006
The Oyaide PA-02 bulk interconnect has been added to our DIY catalogue. Off the spool single crystal Copper for the DIY'er! PA-02
June 27th 2006
We have added step by step instructions for terminating the Oyaide Tunami power cable to our "How To" section. Tunami recipe
June 22nd 2006
We are now stocking the Oyaide Tunami power cable in bulk. We are selling this exceptional cable by the foot for those of you that want to make a truly reference grade powercord quickly and easily. We expect to have the Cryo treated Tunami in stock later next week. Tunami Power Cable
June 20th 2006
We have added cryo treated signal adapters to our parts catalogue. We have been asked on many occasions for cryo treated RCA splitters and XLR-RCA adapters. We now stock the Vampire RCA splitters and Cardas XLR-RCA adapters in a cryo treated version. These connectors can be found in our cryo treated parts category under DIY. Cryo Adapters
June 19th 2006
Yet another Belden price increase! Over the last six months our cost on some of the Belden wire/cable has increased 70%, and today another 15%. Unfortunately we can no longer absorb these increases, effective today we are forced to increase prices on our Belden line of products.
June 13th 2006
We have added some demo and discontinued Rega electronics. We have several demo MC Fono in Black and Silver as well as some Luna integrated amps and Planet CD players. Some are demo and some are factory sealed units. They can be found in our Used/Demoand Clearance Centrecategories. Great buys!
May 16th 2006
We have added the 20 Amp Wattgate IEC'sto our product pages, the 320i HC and the 350i Ag HC. We have also added quantity pricing on our Polysleeve and Nymax sleeve, these can now be purchased in 50 and 100 foot coils.
May 15th 2006
With the launch of our new website International customers no longer have to request a shipping quote before placing their order. At the same time USA customers have more shipping options available to them.
May 15th 2006
The new site has launched! We are hoping our customers enjoy the all new shopping experience and interactivity of the new site.
May 1st 2006
Many new cryo treatedparts were added to the catalog along with a few unique items such as the Aluminium barrelsfor the Eichmann Bullet Plugs.
April 6th 2006
The current production site was migrated to two dedicated servers at one of Toronto's largest data centres. This was necessary to maintain site speed and connectivity, all part of our ongoing efforts to offer our customers the fastest and most secure shopping experience possible.
April 5th 2006
Due to the large number of customer requests we are now accepting PayPal.
Febuary 2nd 2006
Work began developing our new website.

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