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Introducing the TFA SQ-9

18 April 2012
The TFA SQ-9 powercord is now available! This powercord has been designed specifically for power amplifier applications. Using Star-Quad geometry to reduce noise pickup this powercord has no copper braid or foil shields whatsoever. Four 12 awg conductors combined in a Star-Quad configuration give the TFA SQ-9 a stout 9 awg per pole. The TFA SQ-9 has a separate counter spiraled ground wire and is terminated with high quality unplated Brass AC connectors. This cable is constructed from all cryo treated parts and is fully burned in on our Cable Cooker before shipment.

At $159.00 CDN for a 5 ft length this cable is a great buy. The SQ-9 may be ordered from the website in lengths up to 12 ft, if you require a longer cable let us know.

The TFA SQ-9 has a smooth, neutral, balance with excellent detail, dynamics and low end grunt. This cable offers unusual flexibility, especially considering that it is 9 AWG per pole! The TFA SQ-9 is flexible enough to tie in a knot or wrap around your wrist.

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