Pass & Seymour 8300 WMRI Outlet Cryo Treated

Pass & Seymour 8300 WMRI Outlet Cryo Treated
Pass & Seymour 8300-WMRI 20A Outlet, White, Deep Cryo Treated, 1 pc
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The Pass & Seymour 8300-WMRI is an extra heavy-duty hospital grade outlet designed expressly for MRI applications. P&S builds these exclusive receptacles with no ferrous metal,so they are perfect for high-magnetic field environments such as magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) suites. With the same basic design as our standard Extra Heavy-Duty Receptacles, they are extremely durable. Features include a non-magnetic strap for an excellent ground path to the box, plus brass terminal and installation screws.

Features and Benefits:

Auto-ground eliminates the necessity to terminate grounding conductor to device.

.036 inch thick, brass, triple wipe power contacts for reliable plug retention.

Exclusive patented feature, circuit label on face of device allows permanent and positive circuit identification.

Extra heavy-duty brass, one-piece mounting strap with integral ground for superior structural integrity and long-term performance.

Strap tabs wrap around and lock down on face to prevent strap from separating from face and back body.

Exclusive patented feature, external screw-pressure-plate back wire clamp on ground terminal for faster, easier installation.

Easily accessed break-off, line-contact connecting tab for fast, easy split-circuit wiring.

External screw-pressure-plate back wire clamps with #10 brass terminal screws for visual assurance of a good connection.


Face                    Nylon
Back Body            Nylon
Line Contacts       .036 688 Brass
Mounting Strap     .050 Nickel plated Brass
Ground Contacts   Strap with Integral Ground
Pressure Plate      .031 260 Brass
Terminal Screws    #10 Tri-Drive Brass
Ground Screw        #10 Hex Tri-Drive Brass
Auto-Ground Clip   Brass
Mounting Screws    Slotted Brass

This outlet is rated 125V 20A, Terminal Accommodation #14 AWG – #10 AWG copper conductor only

These are outstanding outlets for your audio system and we have the best price on the web.

If you select Burn-in for your outlets it will delay shipment by 7 days. Burn-in will be performed on an audiodharma Cable Cooker.

This part has been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.


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