CAIG DeoxIT Liquid 100% 25 ML Needle Dispenser
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DeoxIT dissolves oxides and sulfides that form on metal contact surfaces, removing these sources of resistance. This restores the contact's integrity and leaves a thin (organic) layer that coats and protects the metals. Special additives prevent the dissolved oxides from re-attaching, keeping them in suspension and allowing them to be easily dispersed by the mechanical action of the contact.

DeoxIT's unique properties allow it to work on stationary and moving contacts and connectors with similar or dissimilar metals. Even when a treated connector mates with an untreated one, DeoxIT will migrate and coat the other. When connectors are separated, DeoxIT will re-coat the exposed metal surfaces.

DeoxIT's advanced formula contains deoxidizers, preservatives, conductivity enhancers, arcing and RFI inhibitors and anti-tarnishing compounds that significantly increase the performance and reliability of electrical components and equipment.

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