WBT 0110 Ag Male RCA Kit Cryo Treated

WBT 0110 Ag Male RCA Kit Cryo Treated
WBT 0110Ag nextgen™ Male RCA, Deep Cryo Treated, Set of 4
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nextgen™ RCA Connector Signature Kit
with signal conductor made of fine silver

75-ohm characteristic impedance means that these plugs not only transmit superb analogue signals but also outstanding digital audio and video signals. The transmission bandwidth is 1 GHz.

Eddy currents occur in metal components close to where alternating currents flow. These currents can result in major signal distortions. The WBT-0110 Ag is designed in such a way that eddy currents do not occur at all.

The contact elements of the plug are made of high-purity silver, the best electrical conductor of all, in order to ensure optimum signal transmission. The metal is naturally passivated so that the surface does not corrode or migrate and impair contact quality.

The clamping mechanism, which works in the same way as the chuck device in a drill, firmly clamps the outer contact against the RCA socket. The high clamping pressure not only guarantees a secure connection but also minimizes transition resistance. The pressure wedge between the contact and the sleeve is made of plastic, which means that the sleeve is completely insulated and cannot influence the signal.  In addition, any size variation in the outer contact of a socket is compensated for, thereby ensuring a perfect fit.  

The clamping sleeve is designed with two sections so that the front section moves freely as the rear section is turned. This eliminates the risk of torsional strain on the contact elements.

The central pin is slotted and ideally formed thereby giving a firm yet elastic contact which ensures lasting and reliable electrical connection with absolutely minimal transition resistance.

Cable diameter:     up to 9 mm
Characteristic impedance (typ.):     75 ohms
This Kit contains 4 WBT-0110Ag connectors and Torx wrench.

This part has been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.

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