KLE Silver Harmony 4 Pack

KLE Silver Harmony 4 Pack
KLEI Silver Harmony RCA, Pack Of 4
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Proprietary mathematical modeling is utilised to produce the Silver Harmony’s ground to signal pin relationship, parameters, and determines the proprietary metallurgical processes that are used. Extrapolated: >101% IACS,even >103% IACS
Excellent for digital. 100% compatible with SPDIF standards
Glass filled thermoplastic polymer body and collar
Tolerates high temperature soldering required for high silver content solder
Single point grounding
Cable OD sizes from 4mm to 9.5mm. Small cable grommet and 2 screws supplied to retain and secure the cable
Higher conductivity. Calculations indicate a progression in IACS percentage, in the series. Greater than that of Classic or Copper Harmony plugs
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