TFA Powerline 10 Powercord Deep Cryo Treated

TFA Powerline 10 Powercord Deep Cryo Treated
TFA Powerline 10 powercord, 5 ft Deep Cryo Treated
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Powerline, High-Performance powercords for power amplifiers

This line of powercords is best used with power amplifiers plugged directly into the wall. They are constructed from large gauge conductors and do not use shielding, this helps give the amplifier a more dynamic sound with improved soundstage dimensions. The conductors are stranded tinned copper with a PE tape wrap and overall EPDM insulation, the three conductors are then encased inside an extruded jacket. This makes an extremely durable and well damped cable.

The Furutech connectors on these cables get special treatment also. The FI-11 is a great sounding connector that is very well built, we take this connector to a higher level of performance by machining the cable entry for a "Perfect-Fit". We machine the stock cable clamps so that they grip this 20 mm cable firmly around the circumference with even force, this ensures the cable geometry is not disturbed. After the clamp tightens around the cable it then clamps down tight on the backshell so that the cable, clamps and backshell become one solid unit reducing vibration distortion.
Our raw parts for these cables come directly from either the manufacturer or first level distribution guaranteeing your cord is constructed from safe, genuine materials designed for the application.

Cryogenics: All the parts used to build this cable have been Cryogenically Processed. The Furutech connectors have been processed by Furutech and the balance of the parts have been through our proprietary Deep Cryogenic Process. We perform the Cryogenic Processing on-site using a Cryotron processor and Liquid Nitrogen. This process enhances the performance of the cable and connectors giving you improved dynamics, lower noise, smoother highs and improved soundstage dimensions. This process and its benefits can be found in all our cables.

Powerline 10 is an un-shielded powercord featuring tin plated 10 awg stranded copper conductors wrapped with PE tape and overall EPDM insulation. The Powerline 10 uses crimped Gold plated copper spades to terminate to the connector.
All contact points are treated with DeoxIT Gold before installation of the Furutech FI-11M Cu wall plug and FI-11 Cu IEC. We install a Gold/Black PETsleeve on the cable for protection and then finished with printed shrinktubes at both ends.

Powerline 10 is quite flexible for a large gauge cord and is well suited to the higher current demand of some amplifiers. The Powerline 10 with the FI-11 Cu connectors offers a detailed and dynamic sound that is slightly to the warm side of neutral.

Cable Measurements
Measurements are done on actual finished cables, these results can vary from the manufacturer specs for the same cable un-terminated. Capacitance and Inductance measurements are taken between the Pos+ and Neg- conductors. Resistance is measured on the Ground conductor. The results below are for the finished cable of the noted length.

Test Parameters
All cable testing is performed on an Instek LCR-819 at 1kHz, 1V, 20C

Length of Cable Under Test
5 feet

Capacitance:    131.14 pF
Inductance:    .00103 mH
Resistance:    .00647 Ohm

The base $285.55 (CDN) cable consists of:

(1) 5 ft Deep Cryo Treated Powerline 10 Powercord
Terminated with Furutech FI-11M Cu wall plug and FI-11 Cu IEC. The price will adjust automatically if you choose a different length.

Select the cable length you need for your application, then press the order button. The total cost of the cable will appear in the shopping cart at the top of the right hand navigation bar. Click "view cart" to see an itemized list of the cables ordered. Shipping cost and any applicable taxes will be applied during checkout. Once the order is placed the cables are constructed to your specs and will ship next business day unless you decide to have them pre-conditioned on our cable cooker. Please allow five days for the pre-conditioning process.

If you have your cables pre-conditioned (burned in) on our audiodharma Cable Cooker they will require only a minimal amount of time to reach their full potential, typically about one day of normal use to settle in and another 2-3 days of normal use to reach about 90-95% of it's full potential.

The parts used in this cable have been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.


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