TFA Bryston MPS2/BP26 DC Umbilical Deep Cryo Treated

TFA Bryston MPS2/BP26 DC Umbilical Deep Cryo Treated
TFA DCT MPS2/BP26 DC Umbilical, 0.5 M
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Take Five Audio is now offering an upgraded power umbilical for the Bryston MPS2 powersupply/BP26 preamp combo. Our new DC umbilical features six solid core 16 awg UPOCC copper conductors which are Teflon insulated. We ensure the conductors maintain uniform geometry over the entire length of the cable by using Teflon tubing to space the conductors, the Teflon tubing also helps to improve the electrical characteristics of the 37 V conductors within the cable.
The conductors are then constrained inside a pure Polyolefin jacket and terminated with 6 pin Neutrik XLRs using Mundorf Supreme solder. Although made from heavy gauge solid core copper conductors the cable is still surprisingly pliable and will easily make a 5" bend.

As with all of our cable builds the parts used to construct this cable have all been treated with our proprietary cryogenic process (DCT) the link below offers a detailed description of our cryogenic process.

We offer this cable in four lengths which will suit most needs, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 metre lengths.
If you need a custom length just let us know and we will be happy to quote on the project.

The parts used in this cable have been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.


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