ViaBlue XS Subwoofer Y Adapter Deep Cryo Treated

ViaBlue XS Subwoofer Y Adapter Deep Cryo Treated
ViaBlue XS RCA Subwoofer Y Adapter, Deep Cryo Treated, 1 pc
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ViaBlue™ XS adapters Subwoofer Y 2x rca male to 1x rca female are used as splitters for routing signals from two sources to one receiver. This is ideal for using mono subwoofer cables for subwoofers that have stereo inputs. The subwoofer y adapters can be easily attached to stereo rca jacks. The distance between two rca jacks is a standard size (14.63 mm center-center).

High-end internal contacts of the ViaBlue™ XS adapter series guarantee absolutely low resistance transmissions of audio and video signals. The contact surfaces are 24 karat gold-plated.

Technical specifications:
  • Outer diameter: 12 mm (black cube)
  • Finishing: 24 Karat Gold plated
  • Total length: 48.0 mm X 26.0 mm
  • Contact: RCA type norm

This part has been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.

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