Mogami 2549 XLR Splitter Cable Deep Cryo Treated

Mogami 2549 XLR Splitter Cable Deep Cryo Treated
Mogami 2549 XLR Splitter Cable, Deep Cryo Treated, Custom Length
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Custom Length XLR Splitter Cable
We are now offering custom length XLR splitter cables made from Deep Cryo Treated Mogami 2549 terminated with Deep Cryo Treated Vampire XLR connectors. These custom Female-Male splitter cables can be ordered in various lengths up to 10 feet in just a few clicks, it's that easy!

Mogami 2549 is a twin-axial cable that has been designed using Neglex OFC to provide the highest quality of audio reproduction in any application. It features 22 AWG conductors and lower capacitance than the 2534. The served shield and twisted pair construction is excellent at preventing noise caused by EMI.

The base $
67.95 (CDN) cable consists of:
(1) 1ft Deep Cryo Treated Mogami 2549 XLR splitter cable terminated with one Deep Cryo Treated Vampire Female XLR splitting into two Deep Cryo Treated Vampire Male XLRs. The price will adjust automatically when you choose a different length.
PLEASE NOTE: the base price is for 1 cable
, if you need a stereo pair (or more) change the quantity to the number required. You can order as many cables as you need, in different lengths by hitting the "order" button after selecting each cable.

We use only high quality Copper Alloy connectors on our custom cables. The standard termination for our balanced cables are the Vampire XLRM/XLRF. These have a direct gold plated, copper alloy contact.
Solder termination is done using a precision OK International MFR Cartridge System and Mundorf Supreme solder.

Select the cable length, then press the order button. The total cost of the cable will appear in the shopping cart at the top of the right hand navigation bar. Click "view cart" to see an itemized list of the cables ordered. Shipping cost and any applicable taxes will be applied during checkout. Once the order is placed the cables are constructed to your specs and will ship next business day unless you decide to have them pre-conditioned on our cable cooker. Please allow four days for the pre-conditioning process.

If you have your cables pre-conditioned (burned in) on our audiodharma Cable Cooker they will require only a minimal amount of time to reach their full potential, typically about one day of normal use to settle in and another 2-3 days of normal use to reach about 90-95% of it's full potential.

The parts used in this cable have been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.

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