TFA R1 Cu Rega Rewire

TFA R1 Cu Rega Rewire
TFA-R1 Handbuilt One Piece Rega Rewire
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We first introduced our TFA-R1 about 18 years ago, since then the TFA-R1 has evolved into the best engineered and best sounding rewire available for the Rega arms. The Rega benefits greatly from a "one piece" rewire such as the TFA R1. Our TFA R1 rewire uses all Deep Cryo Treated parts in the signal path. We feel our Deep Cryo Treatment enhances the performance of these parts and contributes to the exceptional performance of our design.

The TFA R1 separates the ground from the signal conductors and only has solder connections at the clips and RCA's unlike the original Rega wiring scheme. The left and right channel conductors are formed into twisted pairs and routed through a PTFE conduit which has a double spaced, separately shunted, braided copper shield. All solder connections are made using Mundorf Supreme and a precision OK International cartridge soldering system.

The external section of the TFA R1 is quite flexible and is compatible with most suspended table designs. Cable exit is straight out the bottom of the pivot column. Our cable design will allow a 180 degree sharp bend without collapsing internally and pinching the conductors. Our rewire is not simply a "kit" which we install, each component of the rewire, including the metalwork, is meticulously hand crafted one at a time. We then bring these individual components together to form what we believe to be the finest Rega rewire currently available. We offer the rewire with external cabling up to a maximum of 5 feet in length, Our standard rewire has a 3 foot external cable.

Rewire Measurements
Our measurements are done on an actual finished rewire and are taken between conductors on the same channel from cartridge clips to the RCA connector.
Test Parameters
All cable testing is performed on an Instek LCR-819 at 1kHz, 1V, 20C
Length of Rewire Under Test
Standard 3ft external leads including the internal tonearm wire and connectors.
Capacitance:    32.180 pF
Inductance:    .00108 mH
Resistance:    .94281 Ohm

Our standard rewire is as pictured above and comes with:

3 ft external cable
Deep Cryo Treated 1877 FIT Gold Cartridge clips
Deep Cryo Treated WBT 0102 nextgen RCA's
Deep Cryo Treated Cardas 33 awg internal wire
Full Burn-in on our Cable Cooker

Options Available:

Custom cable length up to 5 ft
Deep Cryo Treated Neutrik XLR's

Rewires are not a stock item, please allow 2 weeks for completion of rewire and burn-in after we receive your arm. Cost of the rewire with a three foot external section, copper wire, and RCA termination is $475.00. Prices will vary accordingly depending on actual length. If you would like more information on our rewire or it's suitability for your application please give us a call drop us a line.

The parts used in this cable have been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.

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