1877 Phono 5 LITZ 7 Direct Wire Phono Cable Deep Cryo Treated

1877 Phono 5 LITZ 7 Direct Wire Phono Cable Deep Cryo Treated
1877 Phono 5-LITZ-7 Direct Wire Tonearm Kit, 2m
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5 LITZ-7 Direct Wire Tonearm Kit

Tonearm Wire 5 x 33awg Litz High Conductivity Long Grain OFC Copper
Design: Proprietary vertical wound litz construction
Gauge: 33AWG
Material: LGCC (Long Grain Crystal Copper)
- Double Polyurethane Enamel film (Color coded)
- Red/Blue/Green/Natural/(Mixed for Ground)
Temperature Resistance: 155C°
Overall OD: 0.75mm
- Advanced low dielectric loss enamel film for higher resolution
- Directly solderable with Enamel coating acting as a flux
- Moisture resistant
Mechanical Design:
- 5 x 33awg twisted LGCC conductor (R/B/G/N/M)
One of the best design and sounding tonearm wire around!

Package contains 2 metres of all 5 colours.The 5-Litz-7™+ Tonearm Cable comes in 2M continuous unbroken/uninterrupted lengths for direct re-wiring of the finest tonearms. Using our 5-Litz-7™ tonearm wire we added a 100% shield, the finest dielectrics and ultra flexible PVC jacket making it the perfect choice for manufacturer's of Tonearms and tonearm rewiring specialists.
Ultra fine 33AWG featherweight multi-strand tonearm wire consisting of high purity fine strand copper. Utilizing our V-Wound™ technique our wire is super flexible without sacrificing tensile strength. Each strand is precision twisted for a flawless smooth uniform surface free from defect or stranding anomalies. Used by some of the finest tonearm manufacturers on the market and the perfect upgrade for new or vintage tonearms.

• Design: Proprietary V-Wound™ 33AWG
• Conductor: + series (PC-OCC)
• 4x33AWG twisted
• Double Polyurethane Enamel, Color Coated
• Temp Res: 155°C
• Overall Diameter: 0.275mm/wire
• Features: Advanced low dielectric loss enamel flux
• Directly solder with enamel coating acting as a flux
• Moisture resistant
• AL. Mylar Shield+ braided full coverage shield
• Lightweight ultra flexible PVC Jacket
• PTFE insulating tube
• 1877Phono ZSP-4 24K RCA connectors
• OFC ground with 24K gold plated alligator clip
• Length: 2M, 5-Litz-7™+ (OCC) Direct Wire Tonearm Wire/Cable

We also offer custom machined base plugs to attach this cable securely to the tonearm for a totally professional finish at additional cost.

This part has been Deep Cryo Treated by Take Five Audio, click HERE for full details on our process.

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