1877 Phono 5 LITZ 7 Tonearm Wire 1m

1877 Phono 5 LITZ 7 Tonearm Wire 1m
1877 Phono 5-LITZ-7 Tonearm Wire, 1m
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5LITZ7 Internal Tonearm Wire
Tonearm Wire 5 x 33awg Litz High Conductivity Long Grain OFC Copper
Design: Proprietary vertical wound litz construction
Gauge: 33AWG
Material: LGCC (Long Grain Crystal Copper)
- Double Polyurethane Enamel film (Color coded)
- Red/Blue/Green/Natural/(Mixed for Ground)
Temperature Resistance: 155C┬░
Overall OD: 0.75mm
- Advanced low dielectric loss enamel film for higher resolution
- Directly solderable with Enamel coating acting as a flux
- Moisture resistant
Mechanical Design:
- 5 x 33awg twisted LGCC conductor (R/B/G/N/M)
One of the best design and sounding tonearm wire around!

Package contains 1 metre of all 5 colours.
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