MFSL Pure Record Rinse

MFSL Pure Record Rinse
MFSL Pure Record Rinse 32oz
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Recommended as a Final Rinse Stage to Be Used With ANY Record Cleaning Solution to Remove Any and All Residual Detergents and Debris!

PURE Record Rinse is the purest water you can find for cleaning records.  Ultra-high purity PURE Record Rinse is also used as the base of our other record cleaning fluids and is perfect for use as the final rinse step before putting LPs back into their sleeves (preferably into MoFi inner sleeves!).
Every serious vinyl fan knows you should never rinse your records with tap water.  Tap water contains trace minerals, chemicals and microscopic organic matter all of which can be deposited in freshly cleaned grooves. Bottled water comes from either the same sources as tap water or from natural springs which have an even larger amount of minerals.
"Purified” water isn’t subject to the same restrictions and regulations that apply to food or drugs, so "purified" doesn't necesarily mean PURE. Distilled water without additives is harder to find than ever and even water that has been distilled once or twice can still have contaminants.
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