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Thousands of audio hobbyists just like you have trusted Take Five Audio to deliver!

" The service you guys provide is 100% PERFECT!! Can’t believe it’s so good. The Sample product I got was awesome! I’m going to be ordering some more RCA & XLR connectors in the next week or so too! "
Jason L, Canada, 23/03/2016

" I had read good things about your company on the forums at canuckaudiomart. The cleaning kit I ordered was just what I've been looking for and the service was great. I ordered on Friday and had in my hands on Monday .Thank you, a happy customer. "
Alan R, Canada, 12/09/2016

" Just received your Belden today and already there is a synergy going on with the Nuforce Oppo93NXE. The notes have a blossoming effect almost like tubes and its isn't even broken in yet. It is the perfect cable for the NXE nuforce. Sweet. No one would believe its price if they heard this. cheers and thanks again, regards "
Lloyd S, Canada, 31/08/2016

" Cable and shorting plugs arrived safely.
It was a pleasure doing business with you and your staff. You all were very helpful in assisting with my custom cable build. The cable is obviously built very well - your competence and attention to detail are wonderful. And most importantly, the sound quality is great! Clean, clear, spatial - far above the cable it replaced. All that plus affordable prices, good packaging, and fast shipment.
Well done Take Five Audio! "
Dan L, USA, 27/02/2015

" Okay. Not only was it easy to order, not only was the shipping great, but the product is such a great match for my system! I was somewhat skeptical that a cable could make something that was already great even better. But I'm happy to say I was wrong. I relied on the transparency of my amp and my speakers to show if the cables improved anything. I could not be more impressed! Thank you. "
Vern L, Canada, 16/04/2015

" Hi, I have just received my order. Let me thank you for the fast shipping and the quality product!
Excellent! Thank you "
Gabor T, Hungary, 05/03/2015

" Lyn, the package arrived last weekend, and the cables were perfect. Thank you! "
Carey C, USA, 28/04/2015

" I just wanted to say thank you very much for the great customer service and super quick shipping.
The sleeving arrived on Sunday (!). I have my work cut out for me, but already the old multi-channel snake cables that I'm recovering are starting to look great. Thanks very much, have a great Christmas, and I look forward to dealing with you again in future, "
Johann T, Canada, 09/12/2014

" Hello Lyn, Very sweet! Thanks for the follow-up (nice consumer service by the way. Keep up the good work!).
Best regards "
Pierre C, Canada, 22/01/2015

" Thank you for the update:) appreciate the explanations and the speed of processing, look forward to a future relationship with your professional service :) cheers "
Ron E, Canada, 21/01/2015

" Received the speaker cables on Monday. All I can say is WOW. A perfect match for my speakers. I'm very impressed with the quality of the sound. Thanks "
Don B, Canada, 22/01/2015

" Hi Lyn, or Gene, I received the cables, I thank you for quality built, professional packaging and fast shipping. just simply amazing. very well worth it. thank you "
Carlos B, Canada, 20/11/2013

" Just want to say that your packaging is all to good, I am impressed. Too good, is perhaps an opportunity for savings.Thank you and regards, "
Robert G, Canada, 18/12/2013

" Hi, I have received my items, everything is perfect. Thank you for your great products and services. "
Mark C, Canada, 16/10/2013

" Greetings Take Five Audio!
Thank you for the excellent service; I'm very impressed with the quick shipping and excellent packaging. I look forward to future orders. "
David D, USA, 08/12/2013

" I actually received the new shipment today and it is perfect. I again would like to thank both you and Gene for being so accommodating and helping me fix my error. I commend you on your customer service and will surely be happy to utilize your business again in the future. "
Jason E, ON, Canada, 22/01/2014

" I want to congratulate you for the fast shipping and delivery of the order I make with you(It's the second time I buy of you). I buy often by internet and never an another company give me a fastest service. "
Denis G, Canada, 05/03/2013

" Hello and thank you very much, your service and products are as usually, outstanding !
Regards "
Alex S, Canada, 03/04/2013

" Hi - Ordered cable on Fri and received digital cable yesterday! Wow!
Thanks very much! "
Chris C, Canada, 14/05/2013

" Hi Gene, Installed the speaker cable. They sound excellent even in the first few hours. The workmanship is stunning! Still contemplating the interconnect and power cords. Will be in touch. "
Rami H, Canada, 23/03/2013

" Hello, I just wanted to thank you, for the quick shipping and excellent service. I ordered some neutrik xlr plugs a couple days ago, and just got them in my mailbox. once again thanx for the great service. best regards "
Joseph C, Canada, 03/05/2012

" Thanks for the great service and shipping, just received my order today and am really happy with the products. Will see you soon! "
Shawn B, Canada 20/01/2012

" Today I received the package, thank you, I'm very happy! You really are very sociable, fast and professional seller. I am your customer! : =) "
Oleg K, Ukraine, 14/09/2012

" Just to let you know the power cords arrived at my office this morning. Thanks for a quality power cord at an excellent price, and for superb customer service. "
David D, Canada 28/02/2012

" I just received the order. The cables you guys terminated look fantastic. I hope they sound as good as they look! Thanks "
Christophe D, Canada, 26/09/2012

" Thank you for the excellent service...... delivery ..... ... .... communication....... package ....
Laurant T, Canada, 05/05/2011

The following are some of our unsolicited reviews from Canuckaudiomart users who have dealt with us.

" Pleasure doing business. Bought some shorting plugs. Fast and accurate service. Excellent communication, Will deal with again. "
ht_addict     Feb 20, 2016

" Thanks Gene, Great Belden 8402 interconnects and very helpful with my WE speaker cable project. "
mpv     Feb 20, 2016

" Take Five Audio has fantastic products at reasonable prices. I recently purchased a Cryo Treated DIN Plug Kit, Rega RB1000 Phono Cable, a number of MOFI pruducts and a pack of 100 Outer Record sleeves. through their website. They were shipped and received exactly as described in a efficient manner. Highly recommended. An asset to the CAM community Would definitely do business with them again. Thanks again A+++ "
GenX Audio     Jun 05, 2015

" Excellent transaction with Lyn on Mogami 2549 Gold RCA cables. Price, service, packing and shipping just perfect. My HT never sounded better now with fully matched interconnects! Thanks! "
polygon     Feb 18, 2015

" Searching for a HP cable was frustrating. Nobody on the online forums could agree if it was worth it. So I challenged Gene to provide a comment as to why this might be. He did so and " Searching for a HP cable was frustrating. Nobody on the online forums could agree if it was worth it. So I challenged Gene to provide a comment as to why this might be. He did so and did me one better- He sent me a cable to try...and I bought it. I could tell it was worth the money the first 10 seconds of the first song (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis/Thriftshop- excellent A/B'ing track. Lots going on in that song). I don't know what you get with the Uber$$ cables out there, but as my first upgrade (and last?) this one is worth it. Thanks Gene. "
bear     Jan 20, 2015

" I have purchased several items from Gene and Lyn in the past. I highly recommend The Powerline 12 and Deluxe Asylum power cords. After consulting with Gene, I had a second PL 12 fitted with a Furutech F1-31 (G) female IEC (20 amp) to power one of my Krell amps - the combination turned out to be incredible. I have also rewired my supply wiring from the breaker panel with 12/2 and 12/3 romex with Hubbell 5262 and 5362 receptacles - all CRYO treated and burned in. All of the above upgrades offered marked improvements. I cannot say enough about the quality and attention to detail. Customer support is through the roof and shipping is lightning fast. Take Five Audio is, and will continue to be, the fist company I call for all my cable needs. "
Paulaudio     Oct 11, 2014

" Quality products, great prices and quick shipping gets a five star rating! "
abbeyroad     Oct 06, 2014

" Quick, smooth transaction with Take Five Audio. Very professional dealer. "
Grado     Oct 10, 2014

" Excellent purchase. Fast to respond to e-mails. Shipped fast. Item as described. Pleasure dealing with Gene and Lyn. "
GWN     Apr 22, 2014

" Fast shipping, everything simple, perfect transaction! "
ssalois     Jan 27, 2014

" Received the power cords and XLR cables yesterday. Items were well packed and included receipt and handling instructions. There was a definite improvement in the system. Great product!! "
dench76     Aug 13, 2013

" Feedback for my new Mogami 2549 Gold Performance RCA Cryo Treated whit Furutech FP-126(G) are premium quality RCA connectors (4 feet pair for less that $100)
I was looking to buy some interconnects to match my news Oppo 105...The Oppo have a lot of details but it's sound a little clear, I have call Take Five Audio to have some advise, I was surprise that the recommendation was not the higher price cable....Like the normal store do!
I only have this cable for one week. It turns out the best sound I ever had whit my oppo. When I first hook up my system from my Oppo and my Primaluna I felt there is difference... are well-defined yet, sweet-sounding, its bass is possesses plenty of weight and warmth, whit a nice image. This cable sound sweet, warm whit a very nice bass details, more that my Audioquest. This Mogami is more Sweet/Warm/Bass sound. I don't tell that this cable is more neutral and more details that my AudioQuest’s Columbia, but is a better match for my Oppo... Thanks a lot Take five audio for your Advise... I'm a happy customer..."
Baroque     Apr 18, 2013

" Nice cables, very well constructed. Good value, fast shipment. Highly recommended. "
Naveris     Jan 12, 2011

" Just received some more diy stuff from Gene. Highly rated CAM dealer and straight shooting guy. "
Owentdc     Jan 10, 2011

" Ultra fast shipping, excellent follow up and superb communication, highly recommended. "
Damjammer     Dec 18, 2009

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