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U.S. Exchange

Our Customers who pay for their orders in U.S. currency are getting a great exchange rate these days!

Take Five Audio is a Canadian company and our retail prices are based on Canadian dollars. Currently the Canadian dollar is valued at about $0.83 U.S., anyone paying in U.S. currency is enjoying an approximate 25% discount off our Canadian retail prices. No currency exchange fees are charged by your U.S. Dollar payment card issuer when you pay in U.S. Dollars.

How do I take advantage of the exchange rate you ask? It's simple. When you land on our site all pricing is by default in Canadian dollars. Simply switch the site to US Dollars (drop down menu in top right of page) and you will see the prices change to reflect the exchange. When U.S. Dollars are displayed as you go through the checkout your transaction will be charged to your card in U.S. Dollars thereby avoiding any exchange fees on the transaction.

When you combine those savings with our great prices, no Credit Card/PayPal fees and low/free shipping rates it makes more sense than ever to shop at Take Five Audio!

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