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DIN Phono Cable Burn-in Adapter

This is a straight forward recipe for a simple DIN - RCA adapter that is used to burn-in five pin DIN - RCA phono cables. The adapter is used to adapt your DIN phono cable so that it can be used as an RCA-RCA interconnect. All you need to do is connect the RCA's of the adapter to the left and right output of your CD player (or any other line level source). Then connect the adapter DIN to the DIN of your phono cable and finally connect the RCA's of the phono cable to your amplifier. Normally the amplifier does not need to be powered up for the CD output to see a load. Next set your CD player to repeat a disc that contains program material which covers the full audio spectrum, another option would be to use a disc who's program material was specifically assembled for the purpose of equipment or speaker burn-in. This adapter can also be used with devices which were designed for cable burn-in. Check the cable daily by listening to it, when you are satisfied with the results discontinue the burn-in.
To build the adapter you will need (1) Cardas MDIN, (2) feet Neotech UPOCC 20 awg, (1) pair Neutrik NYS352G, some short pieces of Red and Black CPA 100 1/2" shrinktube and some Teflon plumbers tape.

Cut your wire into 6 inch pieces as in the photo above and mark two of the wires with black marker so it will be easy to tell positive from negative when they are twisted together.


Next tin the solder cups on the MDIN. An easy way to do this is to insert some Cardas or WBT solder into the cup and snip it off flush with your side cutters, then just dab your soldering iron on the cup and the solder will melt and tin the cup.

Next, strip and tin the conductors.

Now just touch the iron on the sides of the cup while you insert the wires. Pinout can be found here.

When the conductors are soldered on twist them into the left and right pairs.

  Now we slide the 352G backshell over the twisted pair and place the positive conductor in the centre pin solder cup and put the negative wire under the cable clamp leaving enough space for the solder to flow from the clamp to the wire.

Now apply solder to the connections.

At this point all the connections are made, we just need to finish off the DIN and RCA's with some shrinktube.

Carefully wrap the connections on the DIN with Teflon tape.

Cut the 1/2" shrinktube to cover the DIN and tape and shrink it on.

Now cut the shrinktube for the RCA's and shrink it on.

That's it, you are done, now go burn in that phono cable!


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