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Product Information Sheets

We have made available instruction sheets in .pdf format from some of the DIY products we carry or have carried at one time. These instructions are quite detailed for the most part and will in most cases give detailed information not widely available on the internet. To view the files you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

   Eichmann Bullet Plug  Eichmann Cable Pod    Furutech 25 Series
   LAST Power Cleaner    LAST Record Cleaner    LAST Record Preservative
   LAST Stylus Cleaner    LAST Stylus Preservative    Marinco 15RA
   Marinco 5279    Marinco 15/20A    Michell Clamp
   Michell Densodamp    Michell Technoweight    Michell VTA Adjuster
   Neutrik NTP3RC-B    Oyaide Assembly    Schurter IEC
   WAKO Solder    WAKO Ti Oil    Wattgate Assembly
   Canare    Cardas XLR Caps    Eichmann Bayonet Plug
   WBT 0101    WBT 0110    WBT 0144
   WBT 0147    WBT 0201    WBT 0210
   WBT 0800    Hubbell 4Plex  

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