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DIN Phono Cable

The next step will be to add a decorative covering, we used Neon Purple PS 1/4". Cut the expandable poly sleeve to length and then fuse the ends using your soldering iron. Slip the poly sleeve over the cable and use some CPA 100 3/8" to bond the sleeve to the leads and DIN connector as in the photo below. You may need to stretch the CPA using your needle nose pliers in order for it to fit over the leads and "Y".

Now we need to build up the ends of the leads so the setscrews in the metal barrels have something to grab on to. We used a short piece of CPA 100 1/2" on each lead. After the 1/2" CPA is shrunk into place strip and tin the conductors, slide on the backshells and you are ready to terminate.

Now solder on your bullet plugs, pay close attention to the polarity.

Install the backshells being careful to hold the connector from turning while screwing on the backshell. Next tighten the setscrews.

Now we will terminate the ground wire. For this we use a Vampire BAR spade.

After we solder the spade to the ground we cover the assembly with a piece of CPA 100 1/4" for a nice tidy look.

That's it, your done! Your cable should look like the one below.

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