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DIN Phono Cable

 The next step will be to take your two twisted pairs and wrap them with Teflon tape. This will keep the pairs from untwisting while installing the shield and also helps to damp the wires.
Cut two pieces of Belden 8660 braided copper shield long enough to go from the base of the twisted pair to within a 1/4" of the ends.
When the braided shields are installed wrap some of the shield material from the 4X24 around base of the braided shields. Make certain the conductors are 100% covered at the joint, then trim off the excess 4X24 shield and flow some solder at the joint to connect all three shields at the intersection. Do not linger with the soldering iron when completing this step.
Your "Y" should look like the one below.
Now we install the ground wire. Cut a 12" piece of 23.5 AWG Cardas hook-up wire, then strip and tin about 1" - 1 1/2" of one end.
Now wrap the tinned end of the hook-up wire around the "Y" joint making sure the ground wire exits between the leads. Now flow a small amount of solder to make the connection.
Next cover the shielded leads with colour coded pieces of CPA 100 1/4" the proper length. Then use some Teflon tape to make a nice smooth transition from the leads to the cable.
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