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Mogami 2921 Biwire Speaker Cables

The next step will be to cut pieces of CPA 100 1/2" to cover the transition between leads and outer jacket. Be sure to cut the pieces long enough so they will contact the CPX and the PVC cable jacket, otherwise the adhesive lining will not adhere to the Teflon tape.
Now you have all your leads prepared, it's time to terminate!
Let's terminate the amplifier end first since it is the most challenging. Trim about 1/2" to 5/8" of insulation from each conductor, you may need to trim a small amount of shrinktube from the ends to expose the conductors. When the conductors are exposed twist them together as in the photo below.
Next the twisted strands are treated with Stabilant 22A and the connectors are crimped on. In this example we are using Vampire HDS 3 spades, these are very high quality spades that crimp on beautifully if you have the correct type of crimper.
The picture below shows the spades after crimping, notice the band formed around the spade from the extreme pressure.
We use the same Teflon tape technique on the spades to smooth the transition.
Take a very sharp box cutter and use it to cut off any strands of wire that are protruding out the front of the spade. If done properly you will have a perfectly full, perfectly flat array of copper strands at the front of the connector.
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