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Mogami 2921 Biwire Speaker Cables

The Mogami 2921 Star-Quad speaker cable with it's four Neglex copper 14 AWG conductors makes a fine speaker cable, excellent extension at the frequency extremes and a beautiful, liquid midrange. This recipe is for a biwire cable set, the recipe is not length specific and can be adapted to the length you require.
Start by cutting four lengths of 2921 in the finished length you require, making certain they are exactly the same length. Next orient all four wires so the text on the jacket all reads in the same direction. When there are no direction arrows on the jacket I flow the signal in the same direction that the text reads. Next you will need to strip off 160 mm of outer jacket from what will be the amplifier end of all four cables.
Next strip approximately 100 mm of the outer jacket from what will be the speaker end of all four cables.
The next step is to separate the conductors into twisted pairs, Red/Yellow and Brown/Orange. When you separate the pairs you will notice a few strands of damping material in the centre of the bundle, cut this all the way back to the jacket and remove it.
Now that you have your twisted pairs separated and damping material removed, let's start assembling the trickiest part, the amp end where both cables are combined.
In the picture below you will see that both cables were stacked on top of one another and the conductors have been wound together making a bundle of Red/Yellow conductors and a bundle of Brown/Orange conductors, note that the wire colours in the bundles alternate. These bundles will use the bends that were already in the wire after it was unwound, they will more or less "snap together" and do not need to be "twisted" into shape.
Now it's time to install the CPX 100 3/8" shrinktube to these leads to hold them together and at the same time colour code them. Cut your pieces of shrinktube approximately 150 mm long. Slide the shrinktube as close up to the jacket as possible.
Next use your heatgun to shrink down the tubing starting at the jacket end and working to the tips of the conductors.
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