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Using The Vampire SB as a Spade to Banana Adapter

The Vampire SB because of it's unique clamping design can also serve as a high quality spade to banana adapter. Note how the back end of the SB unscrews revealing a 1/4" post.
The SB is the perfect fit for a 1/4" spade, in this picture we used the Vampire HDS5 but the SB will accommodate just about any 1/4" spade. The knurled rear portion of the SB allows for a very tight grip on the spade using just your fingers.
Although the use of any adapter is less than ideal, it can be the lesser of two evils in some cases. In this picture you can see we used the SB to install a bi-wire cable arrangement on an amplifier that because of it's binding post design, would not allow us to stack two sets of spades on one post.

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